Sunday, January 18, 2009

Satisfied and Accomplished

That's how I feel about my first shaped knitting project I completed on Thursday...a baby hat for a soon-to-be born baby niece.

I even started a second one that is coming along even faster than the first.

Since I'm an "old soul", I only find it appropriate that I love to knit, read, sew, garden and cook. I am probably a rare breed when I say that I look forward to getting older so that I can have my two white rockers on the front porch, knitting or reading, and watching the sun rise or set. I would even like a porch swing and I would make Jason some sweet sun tea (if you aren't from the South, you probably have NO idea what that is!).

My mom even gave me my "old-timey" name....Gladys. It could not be more fitting, although I really liked the names Pearl, Lucille and Cecille.

Oh and this doofus was named Homer, although I forget that name and then call him Herman:

Hahaha! I guess now I can call Homer's son...


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