Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Rare Day

We live in Texas. Period. The End.

Just kidding. How that should read is, snow in these here parts are few and far between. And "snow" to us means anything that isn't rain that is falling from the sky and it's cold outside. It "snowed" last night and honestly it looked and felt like snow cones, as in the icy, hard stuff you get from a road-side snow cone vendor during the summer.

To a little boy that has only seen "snow" twice in his life, it was HEAVEN. First thing he did was get bundled up to go play for about an hour and a half this morning.

By the way, this little dude... related to this big scary-looking dude...
Sorry. I think I have now gotten this picture out of my system.

Okay so none of these pictures really depict him playing in snow but the lighting is spectacular with photos, especially in the shade!
This is the color version of the black and white above with creepy-looking guy.

Oh! And I LOVE when I can get a picture of myself in Lawyer's cool!

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