Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My 100th Post

Happy Thanksgiving!! I've been prepping under a fog of constant sneezing (not in the food!), drippy, itchy, red eys and the sniffles...not how I want to be enjoying Thanksgiving but that's okay!

Well, it only seems appropriate that I say "Hip-Hip Hooray" to my 100th post right now. I'm not certain why except that others tend to see that as a milestone. And considering that I have a clinical disease (self-diagnosed, of course) called "I-Can-Start-It-But-Be-Warned-I-Probably-Won't-Finish-it"-itis, this 100th feat is amazing. I can't follow through. It's part of my nature to lose interest really fast in something that I probably couldn't think about anything else except that one "something". I see myself as baby Lawyer up in that photo...wanting to get off the chair but then struggling halfway through! But seeing as I HATE (yes, I used that harsh word...but it doesn't pertain to people so in my book, it's long as my 4-year old doesn't hear me say it!) it when I hear excuses such as "I can't cook therefore I don't attempt it at all" or "My childhood sucked so that's why I have a problem with everything else in my life as an adult" or, in my case, "I lose interest really fast that's why I can't complete this project"....Excuses, people, all excuses...and lame ones at that. So, I digress...

I chose to keep up with a blog so that my friends and family and any uninvited weirdos could see what's up in our household (just kidding about the aren't go away...please) and it was going to help me with one other item on my "going to follow through with" I think the first 3.5 years of my child's life are picture-less, except what my parent's took. So, seeing as I was going to start a blog that I couldn't follow through with, I thought, might as well throw in photography that I wouldn't follow through with as well.

Well, there's something about knowing (or thinking) that other's will be viewing your blog that makes you not want to disappoint so here I am....100 posts later and I'm so glad that I started this blog.

So Happy 100 Posts to me!! I look forward to see where the next 100 posts will take me and this blog...probably nowhere except self-satisfaction but that's okay, at least I know I can follow through!

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