Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saving the World One Turtle at a Time

Last weekend, after our return from Florida, we discovered a little visitor in our pool return. It was a sprite, little fellow that obviously loved water but I'm sure was not thrilled to be spinning in the trap...I hope he wasn't there long!

Lawyer was very excited because he's into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (FYI...scroll to the top of my play list on the right side of this screen and I have the theme for the TMNT) and had to check out the real deal. He quickly found his brand new bug catcher that Granny got him and he thought he was going to get to keep this little guy.

Aww, isn't he so cute? Carson, as Lawyer immediately named the tiny turtle, was very curious about us and didn't mind that we were all up in his face. He even gave a few tiny yawns like he was bored and had been around our "type" before.

Now, it needs to be pointed out that Lawyer was NOT HAPPY about letting the turtle go. A huge tantrum full of tears, stomping and shouting "NO, MOMMY!" ensued and it was a battle of our wits to figure out how to let the turtle go and get the child calmed down.

Jason quickly thought to take "Carson" down to the park to let him go find his mommy. The tears subsided and the stomping stopped but Lawyer wanted to secure the fact that he would get to hold the turtle all the way down to the park.The two turtles near the edge of the pond were dubbed the "Mommy & Daddy" of Carson the Turtle so that's where Lawyer was headed.

The release was exciting. I'm gonna miss that little guy (tear)!

Lawyer watched as Carson was able to stretch his wings and fly, er, I mean, stretch his webbed feet and swim.The tiny turtle is directly straight out from Lawyer's toes...what, can't see him?Ahh, there he is, that's better. Carson the Turtle kept poking his head up and looking at us as if he was just as sad to go...judging by that nasty pond water, I don't say I blame him.

It was sweet getting to watch Lawyer release the turtle because this was such a valuable lesson that we were trying to teach him: Just because we find something, doesn't mean it's ours to keep (I have philosophy on this subject but I'll save you, once again, from the nonsense in my head).There he is popping his head up again...goodbyes are always so hard!Thanks for saving me Lawyer, come visit me!Bye Carson, I'll never forget you!Goodbye!Bye!

And with that, there's not a dry eye in the house after that emotional departure...oh, look green ooze!Wait, isn't that how the Ninja Turtles became the ninja turtles...the green ooze? The baby turtle is headed right for the ooze!Okay seriously, if a 5 foot tall, nunchuk-wielding, eye mask-wearing turtle shows up at my door talking like he's from the Valley, I might freak out. Oh and then I'd take some pictures to post here. I really need to get out more. And watch movies that aren't about talking turtles with mad ninja skills.

The End.

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Lisa Johnson said...

I found your blog from the Pioneer Woman, and I thought since I dropped by I would leave a comment.

I love your pictures from your trip! I LOVE Florida beaches!

I also love the lesson you taught with the turtle. I am going through that with my 4yr old right now. "Just because you found it, doesn't mean it's yours." That is so difficult for them to understand. Isn't it?? They are sure that item will be lost and lonely forever and they could take care of it.