Friday, May 23, 2008

More Marco

I can't seem to get anything done this week so my postings haven't been that great but here are some more pics of our trip.

These birds were my favorite thing about sitting on the beach...there were hundreds of them and they remind me of a cross between a toucan and a penguin. The funniest thing about them to me was that I thought I saw lots of "dead" ones but upon further inspection they were actually just snoozin'. They look like they crash-landed to sleep.See what I mean...I love this picture. You can see the cool bird, the beach, the soft waves and the buoy. And I really like the vintage feel to the picture...

These were little sailing boats you could rent and I was loving the colors:

Dinner in Naples (aka Jason's contraction of a nasty bout of food poisoning...don't eat the pulled pork sandwich!):Holy Cow, people, STOP THE PRESSES...Jason and I actually have a picture together!

Sunset Time at Naples Pier. These pictures ended up being some of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken. The light was beautiful and Lawyer's expressions are never lacking.With all the beauty of the sunset, the ocean, the pier, the people, the fishing, the beach and the birds...this is all this kid had on his mind...ICE CREAM!

And prepare yourselves for the world's best picture of Lawyer. I love how completely serious and contemplative he looks, almost like he's thinking of how to conquer the world and that ice cream cone is so the opposite of his facial expression. This wins best photo that I've taken, according to me!

Is this a joke? All three of us in ONE picture?And I'm not much of a sunset-taking individual (I have a philosophy about people and sunsets but I won't divulge on can breathe a sigh of relief!) but the sky was really orange and the ocean was very dark blue. This is really a study in color-theory...they are both colors opposite from each other on the color wheel.

Bye Naples Pier!

I am actually going to post beach pictures later since, after all, we did go to the beach. I've got some good ones to share! Until next time...


Alicia said...

Great photography. What camera? How long have you been shooting? The first bird pic is great. Nice grain.

Amii said...

Thank you for your comments! I just started shooting a few months ago when I bought my first digital SLR (Canon Rebel XTi). I've tried to immerse myself in everything photography...blogs, websites, books!