Thursday, July 17, 2008

More beach pics

The Beach from the Pier
The Pier
Playing at the Beach
I saw this couple walking down the beach and thought it was a cool picture.
I love these sunset silhouette pictures from last night:
I love this picture of Lawyer with Jason in the background:


Alicia said...

Great pictures. What are some of your favorite tools in PS?

Amii said...

Hi Alicia!

I usually tweak the Levels, the Gamma slide (under Exposure) goes to the left VERY slightly and then I like to fix the Shadows/Highlights.

I have downloaded the PW Actions from Pioneer Woman's website and I really like the Fresh and Colorful setting.

Stephanie said...

Hey there! I came upon your blog through the cook it blog it because I am having trouble linking back to the site by the pic. Anyway, I love your blog and you have such a beautiful family!!!! Love the pics and all so I would like to keep stopping by if that's alright with you!!!